Best Burger (Non-Beef Division)

Veggie "Boudin" Burger

What makes a good burger is subjective, but it's safe to say that heft is always a plus. That's not always easy to find when dealing with non-meat alternatives, which is why the Bleeding Deacon's Veggie "Boudin" Burger is such a treat. A wheat bun can barely cushion the thick, hearty patty, which is composed of white beans, rice and a variety of savory Creole spices. Unlike other veggie burgers, this patty never crumbles as it's devoured — and the slab feels as substantial as the carnivorous kind. A dash of pale orange rémoulade adds a swift kick of tangy heat that never overwhelms but is enough so that the thick onion ribbons, tomato slices and lettuce leaves aren't even necessary to add flavor. No, the Boudin burger holds strong just on its own, thank you.

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