Best Burger (Non-Beef Division)

Veggie Burger

Every once in a while, just about any vegetarian craves meat: hot dogs, hamburgers, even — gasp! — beef jerky. Said vegetarians are thankful for MoKaBe's housemade veggie burger. Sure, lots of joints offer veggie burgers these days — gritty patties so dry they fall apart with each bite or made with a random mix of grains that taste like a grilled rice cake. MoKaBe's burger is the real deal. While the flecks of carrot may make skeptics smirk, one bite confirms that here the veggie burger has evolved. Onion and pepper add to the subtle yet satisfying burger flavor. Pickles and onion come on the side for those wanting the full burger experience. The burger costs $5.75 and comes with chips, or you can pay $1 more for fries.

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