Best Burger (Non-­Meat Division)

Atomic Cowboy

Staff Pick

Lately, Atomic Cowboy has been getting heaps of recognition for its new outdoor stage. Though it is indeed a beauty, let's not forget what made us fall in love with the joint in the first place: the food. Atomic has plenty of delights for meat-eaters, but it's also a surprisingly safe haven for vegetarians. Among the myriad veg-­friendly options on the menu, the veggie burger stands out as essential grub. It's handmade with zucchini, squash, peppers, cabbage and breadcrumbs, and it boasts just the right amount of char. Top it off with some cheese and chipotle mayo, and you'll have plenty of sustenance to get you through that three-­hour concert outside. 4140 Manchester Avenue, St. Louis, 63110. 314-775-0775,
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