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St. Louis Bubble Tea

If you've ever walked down the Loop on a crowded weekend, you've no doubt seen it — people holding a sugary drink called bubble tea with bizarre black balls floating at the bottom. Those aren't little fish eyes; they're tapioca balls called boba. While St. Louis Bubble Tea isn't solely responsible for the local boom in milk-tea joints, it certainly is the area's longest-running spot. Really, it's the Baskin-Robbins of bubble tea: Between the selection of slushies, teas and an assortment of sweet toppings (coconut jelly anyone?), there are more than 39 flavors to choose from. Old favorites like strawberry and coconut grace the menu alongside exotic selections — try the jackfruit. Sugar fiends will find a nice assortment to pick from, though it would take years to sample every flavor.

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