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Lewis and Clark Bridge

This cable-stayed bridge spanning 4,260 feet across the Mississippi River from Missouri to Alton, Ill., is one of the area's most beautiful. On a sunny day, the contrast of the bridge cables against a bright-blue sky would clearly win the area's bridge beauty contest. Sometimes referred to as the "Super Bridge" or the "Clark Bridge," the elegant structure features four traffic lanes and two bike lanes. Construction began in 1985 and cost $118 million, which included demolition of the old Clark Bridge, which served the area from 1928-94. A total of 8,100 tons of steel, 44,100 cubic yards of concrete and more than 160 miles of cable was used to construct the bridge, which is wind- and earthquake-resistant. Even if antique shopping and Alton's scenic Great River Road hold no special interest for you, a Sunday drive across the Clark Bridge will certainly be a memorable one.
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