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Schlafly Tap Room

The indecisive shouldn't visit Schlafly Tap Room. What beer do you want? Where to start? Of course, you can always opt for one of Schlafly's tried-and-true varieties: pale ale, hefeweizen, pilsner. But you have to consider the seasonal brews, too, such as Kaldi's Coffee Stout in the fall or Scotch Ale in the winter. Miss them now and you'll have to wait the better part of a year for another chance. Then again, Schlafly's ever-expanding selections include small-batch beers available on draft at the Tap Room for a very brief time. So maybe you should sample one of them.... OK. Let's say you settle on a beer. Now you have to choose what to eat. "Fish and chips" used to be the easy answer, but last year popular local chef Andy White (Harvest, Balaban's) revamped the menu, adding a casual bistro touch to the Tap Room's tasty pub fare. Steak frites, roasted chicken and a killer ham-and-egg sandwich all sound pretty good, don't they? So: When do you want to go? (On second thought, let us make that decision for you: Now.)

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