Best Breakfast

Café Osage

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, Mom said, but nowadays odds are even those who claim to eat breakfast don't actually eat breakfast. A gallon of coffee between the last snooze alarm and lunch? That ain't breakfast. One of those grab-and-go cereal bars? That's a snack. McGriddles? Please. Take a deep breath, set your alarm half an hour earlier and stop by Café Osage, the lovely café attached to Bowood Farms nursery on the eastern fringe of the Central West End. Here you can have your coffee or tea with a simple but delicious meal: cheddar-chive scratch biscuits with a chicken, mushroom and leek gravy; housemade corned-beef hash with poached eggs; the tried-and-true eggs your way with bacon...or maybe with sausage from Bowood Farms' own bison. It'll put you in the right state of mind — and belly — for the rest of the day. Haven't you figured it out by now? Mom always knows best.

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