Best Breakfast

The Kaffee Haus at Schneithorst's

Let's face it. Breakfast is, if not an entirely dead meal, at least one that's on life support. Honestly, there are basically two times nowadays when people go out to breakfast. One, when you want to have a meal with parents (or grandparents) without eating into what little weekend there is; and two, when you want to thank someone for the previous evening's, um, well, you get the idea. If your situation happens to fall into one of these two categories, the Kaffee Haus at Schneithorst's has your back. It's classy enough to please any older members of your party and/or convince last night's conquest that maybe, just maybe, you're a little bit classy yourself. There's always fresh fruit on hand, a welcome sight at any hour of the morning, and the breakfast links are simply to die for. Apparently the Germans know something about sausage. Who knew? Well, we did. And now you do too.

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