Best Breakfast with a Hangover

Quincy Street Bistro

Unfortunately for those of us with frequent hangovers, you can't get the "Kegs and Eggs" special at Quincy Street Bistro every day or even every weekend. But when you do, you'll forget that oath to never drink again when you sip your first craft beer. Chef Rick Lewis' series pops up every few months with a different brunch menu, each one a deliciously carb-loaded feast that comes paired with a local craft beer. The restaurant opens earlier than usual to let in the stumbling masses. The most recent iteration featured a breakfast poutine with cheese curds, crumbled sausage, stout gravy and a sunny-side-up egg, a chicken-and-biscuit sandwich, and heirloom-tomato bread pudding. Lewis hasn't announced "Kegs and Eggs V" just yet, but you can bet we'll be there for some hair of the dog.

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