Best Breakfast With a Hangover

Chris' Pancake & Dining

It's 1 p.m. on a Saturday. You're just waking up. (Too many brewskis.) Bleary-eyed, you can only think of one thing that'll make you a human being again: eggs. Specifically, eggs served with greasy, salty meat — bacon, sausage, ham or country-fried steak, or maybe all of 'em — and a side of carbs. Waffle-ridged potatoes or...pancakes! Starchy, drenched-in-syrup, buttery pancakes! But wait: Last night's shenanigans nearly emptied your wallet. What to do? And then, at last, a coherent thought: Chris' Pancake & Dining. The food you crave — nay, require — for $10! There's sure to be enough under the couch cushions to scrape together enough for coffee and a good tip.

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