Best Breakfast with a Hangover

Pat's Bar & Grill

Figuring out a way to get over a hangover is like trying to figure out how the great pyramids were built: Everybody's got a theory. Maybe back in the day, after some wine-soaked feast for Ra, ancient Egyptians cheered each other on saying, "I swear to Osiris! Just get your ass lifting some 10,000-pound limestone blocks and you'll feel so much better!" Screw that. It's all most of us can do to lift up our heads, regardless of the century. But Pat's—the Dogtown landmark akin to Egypt's confounding pyramids—is the best reason to drag your duff outta bed on Sunday morning. From 10 a.m. till 2 p.m., the brunch menu includes all the staples done right, including scrambled eggs so fluffy you consider momentarily resting your weary head in them. And then there are the $2 bloody marys, brought by waitresses like benevolent mothers: bearers of sweet nectar, restorers of life.
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