Best Breakfast Sandwich

Italian Egg Sandwich

The RFT owes a debt of gratitude to the breakfast sandwich. Every week the deadline-driven staff meanders in to the office all hung over and hating life, and every week the Italian Egg Sandwich at Fabio's (formerly Salvato's) delivers us on the wings of focaccia -- and it can help you, too. First of all, this thing's the size of your head (oh, your throbbing head). Second, it's made fresh and includes two cheeses, one for each variety of shot you downed last night: mozzarella for the Jgermeister, provolone for the Patron. Then there's the extra protein boost provided by the scrambled eggs and spicy copa ham. It may take you and your weakened digestive system an hour to finish this Italian delight, but you'll be glad you made it through once you're on the happier, fuller side of life. And waiting for you on this side? A dessert pickle and a glorious new day! Speaking of, did we mention this sandwich is served all day? Glorious, indeed.
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