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The Daily Bread Bakery & Café

Sometimes an empty feeling can be a good one to have, especially if it comes at the end of an epic journey, one on which, say, you've been searching for the perfect loaf of bread for months on end, walk into yet another bakery and search for the sourdough, and, well — oh, my!!! — you're looking at a lot of empty shelves. Before freaking out, you do the math. Empty = OK, people like this bread. Empty = In fact, people like this bread a lot. Empty = This bread is going to be so good I'll have to get here earlier tomorrow since I don't have time to wait for the next batch right now. Been to the Daily Bread Bakery & Café in Des Peres and you've had that feeling at least once or twice. Luckily, the good bakers at this locally owned joint keep the racks stacked with lots of specialty breads, too: sunflower honey wheat, French baguettes, honey bear bread, caraway deli rye. The olive ciabatta is a knockout, popping at the seams with huge and juicy kalamata olives. The seasonal treats — blueberry sour cream loaf and pumpkin bread, to name a few — are awesome as well. Empty, in sum = I've arrived. Tomorrow, the perfect loaf awaits.

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