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Here's the good news about Breadsmith: Every day brings a new loaf (raisin cinnamon, honey oat, honey whole wheat, rosemary garlic ciabatta, Asiago cheese, gluten-free, Greek olive, and more and more). Every day features the wildly popular apple pie bread, a lip-smacking, calorie-loaded concoction whose every ounce lives up to its sinful-sounding promise. And, every day — all day — Breadsmith only does bread. That's flour, water, yeast and a complement, or two, folded together and risen with the purest intentions. This is perfect bread: moist and aerated, deliciously simple. Now for the bad news....Breadsmith's only franchise in all of St. Louis hunkers down in a nondescript strip mall several miles removed from a major highway. It's a pinch inaccessible for every occasion that the bread drawer is empty, to be sure, but easily incorporated into the Great Saturday-Morning Errand Escapade. (Diners will recognize it at Stellina Pasta Café and Pujols 5 Restaurant; area Straub's groceries sell various loaves, including the very tasty olive oil/sea salt.)
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