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222 Artisan Bakery

On execution day, in addition to the Cap'n Crunch, buttered artichokes, lobster tail, fried Twinkies, Georgia peaches, a couple shots of Patrn Silver and another couple fried Twinkies, we'll have a entire loaf of 222 Artisan Bakery's whole wheat raisin pecan bread. Sloshed with butter—no, make that cream cheese—the bread is moist, cinnamony and good for you. The bakery, located on Main Street across from the Madison County courthouse, is worth the 30-minute drive from St. Louis. The offerings vary daily, but include baguettes, rosemary bread, olive and pine bread, spinach and cheese bread, sprouted nine-grain, sourdough, cranberry, and roasted pepper and cheese. Get an early start, though; those Edwardsvillians like their bread, and stuff usually sells out by 10 a.m.
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