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Sweet Lord, life has become so much better since the Atkins diet took up residence at the Chteau du Irrelevance. Not that we ever participated in that carb-hatin' fad, mind you, but just the sight of khaki-pantsed businessmen wrapping their hamburgers in lettuce leaves was enough to put us off our lunch. But no more: Bread is back, friends, and we're loving every oven-warmed bit of it -- particularly when said bread comes from Companion Bakehouse. Bread's the undisputed, handcrafted star of the show here; even when stuffed with awesome sandwich fixings (and Companion has 'em in spades), it remains the tastiest, most vibrant ingredient. The raisin brioche might be the only breakfast bread you'll ever need, and the crusty Parisien is no-butter-required delicious. Then there are the chewy, satisfying rustic loaves (olive or walnut), the rosemary-olive oil bread, the ciabatta, the five-grain, the airy St. Louis Italian. And here's the truly yummy upshot: Each fresh-baked loaf of carboheaven will cost you less than five bucks.
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