Best Boxing Gym

South Broadway Athletic Club Annex

Listen, kid, if you're gonna box, you're gonna have to get strong, fast and mean. And you ain't gonna get that way without focus and determination. When you go to "train" at that excuse for a gym -- the air-conditioned one with the juice bar, the Spandex and the co-ed yoga -- your focus and determination ain't where they should be. You're not there to get strong; you're there to get laid. Anyways, at the SBAC Annex, there is no juice bar. We do not have an aerobics class with music. There is no air conditioning, so do not ask us to turn it up. There is a weight room in the basement, an old boxing ring, speed bags, heavy bags, medicine balls and a few guys who are ready to throw you a beatin'. In short, there ain't nothin' here to distract you from your goal of becoming stronger, faster and meaner. The only ass you're gonna be watching around here is your own.
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