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Robbie "The Peashooter" Cannon

A boxer isn't defined by whom he trains with or by his last fight. A boxer is defined by his career. This is the story of how a kid named Robbie "The Peashooter" Cannon fought his way out of Jefferson County to join the upper echelon of local boxing alongside the likes of Deandre Latimore, Devon Alexander and Hollie Dunaway. Cannon has fought more than 150 amateur bouts, won an unprecedented six Golden Gloves titles and 30 some-odd championships. His pro record stands at 10-2 with one draw. The 21-year-old Missouri State Super Featherweight champ fights out of the Twin City Athletic Club in Festus, trained by Joe Pounds, the gym's head coach. Cannon's watershed moment came when he stepped into the ring with Ira Terry. It was assumed Cannon was just another chump for Terry to brutalize, thus the crowd in Tunica was on its feet when Cannon stepped to him for ten rounds before Terry was narrowly awarded the victory. Cannon's mettle was tested last March, when Rafael Valenzuela stopped him in the second round with a series of body blows and headshots that drove Cannon into the ropes. The defeat was the price Cannon paid for dropping weight the same day to make the 135-pound limit. Bad strategy — but Cannon's young, and he will learn.

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