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Crest Bowl

The 1990s were not a kind time for many of the nation's bowling alleys. In an effort to win the youth's attention away from their Nintendo Game Boys and episodes of 90210, scores of antsy alley owners turned to fluorescent black lights and low-rent laser shows as the solution. Thankfully, Crest Bowl in Florissant shows no scars from this regrettable era of "cosmic bowling," a phrase that is offensive both to the sport of bowling and the infinite expanse of the cosmos. Generations of north-county residents have visited Crest over the years and not much has changed, except maybe for the boards in the alley's 32 lanes. Weekday games remain cheap ($2.50) and only go up by 50 cents once the sun goes down. A pizza joint and a TV-stacked sports bar also call Crest home, providing just enough modernity to round out this otherwise decidedly Lebowskian establishment.

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