Best Bowling Lanes

Crestwood Bowl

This place has some pedigree. Last October, to a party full of GTO muscle cars, commemorative T-shirts and fried chicken, Crestwood Bowl's circa-1957 neon sign was relit after being restored with funds raised by both the Route 66 Association of Missouri's Team Neon (see this year's Best Kept Secret) and the Bluth family, which has owned the popular alley since 1973. In 1975 the now eightysomething patriarch Ray Bluth was inducted into the Professional Bowlers Association's Hall of Fame for being a member of the Budweiser team that won a national title four times, and he's a three-time PBA champion in his own right. After this long, he and his general-manager son, Mike, know what it takes to run the pristinely kept 24 lanes: built-in bumpers, an AMF Advantage automatic scoring system and a snack bar stocked with pizza. The sign out front features the blue bent glass words "Cocktail Lounge" inside a black bowling ball, so high rollers can celebrate their 300s with Harvey Wallbangers and screwdrivers after the game.

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