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Olivette Lanes

You know you're in the right place when you see the black-and-whites of the Rat Pack in front of the Sands hanging in the entryway. Actually, that just confirms it; you were pretty sure this was the right place when you espied the purple exterior of Olivette Lanes amid all the strip malls and parking lots, a bold swath of color along Olive's march to 270. Now that you're inside, the place doesn't disappoint: It's a beauty of a bowling alley — and the beauty of it is that it's a bowling alley that's not trying to be a bowling alley. It just is. The drinks are cheap, the shoes are funny and the scoring machine reminds you of a Commodore 64. The place is plenty spacious, but not so big that you feel you're in a warehouse. Bowling alongside you are the sort of folks you wouldn't mind having a drink with. Speaking of drinking and bowling, you could even see yourself joining a league here — which is exactly what the RFT staff did last year. And we loved every minute of it.

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