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HEY, MAN! Don't skip over this item! Femme, in French, means "woman." And Femme, in Maplewood, means the place you should be shopping for your woman, regularly. Femme stocks the racks with indie lines including Mixie, Free People, Tulle, Petit Pois, Chasen Sully, Voom and — OK, sounds like gibberish, yes, but you'll learn your woman's favorite label, quickly. For starters, she'll love the dresses, 'cause they're sassy and sophisticated, but also 'cause there's nothing more romantic than a guy who buys his gal-pal a pretty little number just for the hell of it. Can't go wrong with the blazers, either. Throw in some earrings and you're golden. New stuff arrives weekly, sometimes daily, and you can call for news of the latest shipment. After a while they call you. So, man, you get it? As Femme's front window puts it: "for the things you deserve." Like a very happy woman.

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