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Is it just us, or has Kirkwood become... cool? For decades people have built homes and raised families in the quiet, well-appointed suburb. But these days Kirkwood's less of a bedroom community and more of a destination. You can grab coffee and a crpe at Kaldi's, stop for a superlative slice at Dewey's or dig into some seriously decadent Italian food at Trattoria Two. You can get your fresh-food fix at the farmers' market. And, thanks to savvy entrepreneurs like Sarah Horton, you can thoroughly satisfy your inner fashionista. Blush, Horton's not-quite-two-year-old boutique, is packed with gorgeous apparel and accessories. The shop is tucked into a charming storefront, and the interior is less like a retail space and more like your coolest girlfriend's apartment. You know, if your friend filled her place with Virgins, Saints & Angels jewelry, Yumi Kim baby-doll dresses, 1921 jeans and Melie Bianco handbags. The extraordinary clothing and jewelry, much of which is impossible to find anywhere else in town, make Blush a fashion fever dream. And Horton's personalized service, frequent sales and always-reasonable prices make it a destination worth returning to.
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