Best Bouncer

Cliff Charles

To sufficiently handle threats in all their forms — drunk dummies and actual dangers — a bouncer must exude an aura that's equal parts authority and ass-kicker. Size doesn't necessarily matter if those two prerequisites are met, but muscle doesn't hurt when it's your job to lay down the law in a bar or club. Halo Bar at the Pageant is a small space that sees big action. It's more than a convenient place to throw back drinks before concerts, with weekly DJ nights and musical performances. Cliff Charles, one of the gatekeepers to all the Halo Bar hubbub, adds a lot more personality than the average bouncer. It would be a mistake to discount Charles' towering presence — because if need be, he will hoist your rowdy ass out tout de suite — but to genial patrons, his warm personality and humor make Halo an especially fun place to while away the hours. Visit often enough, and Charles is sure to remember your name; become a regular and he'll spin yarns about how the world is nearing its end. But his infectious belly-laugh will lighten the mood, as will his dancing and singing to clear out the crowd at closing time.

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