Best Bouncer

Elliott "Boo Boo" Bradshaw

Unlike some bouncers who are hungry for action and all too happy to show off their best Dalton impersonation, Boo Boo's not a tough-guy in that obnoxious meathead kind of way. However, he's also not one to shy away from dishing out some instant karma, so don't think you can get away with anything on his watch. As one coworker says, "He enforces the rules, and if there's ever a problem, then he's right there in the action." At six-foot-two-inches with a solid frame, he's an imposing figure, but personality-wise he projects a down-to-earth vibe, albeit with a philosophical edge. He's the kind of guy you can share a twelve-pack with and talk about busted knuckles or the meaning of this crazy ride we call life. Bradshaw relishes the "band of brothers" camaraderie shared by staff and bouncers. For those aspiring to his chosen occupation, he offers sagelike advice: "Just have some fun and remember, this isn't a job. It's an adventure."

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