Best Bouncer

Dan "Danny Mack" McGuire

Mr. Clean-bald, six-foot-four and, as some bartenders say, "two tons of trouble," Dan "Danny Mack" McGuire has been bouncing the riff-raff out of the Delmar for more than six years. Yet despite his overbearing appearance, he manages to keep things smoove. Says one staff member: "Even though he's a bouncer, he never raises his voice. He always does his job professionally." What's more, this muscle man has a sense of humor, joking with the patrons and honoring the exasperating, "I'm stepping out for a minute—remember me?" request. Danny Mack does the Delmar every Thursday through Sunday and even keeps the mateys from plundering on Pirate Mondays. Much like the cleaner mascot he resembles, Danny Mack gets rid of dirt and grime in just a minute.
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