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St. Louis foodies should consider themselves incredibly lucky to live in a city with one of the nation's largest Bosnian populations (and, hence, a good number of Bosnian restaurants). Yet when was the last time you went out for goulash? For that matter, has there ever been a time when you suggested dinner "in South City" and actually ventured further south than, say, Pho Grand? Pay your penance for such gastronomic sins by paying a visit to Grbic pronto. The grande dame of the Bevo Mill neighborhood's Bosnian eateries, the family-named Grbic features ravenously good sausage and veal dishes, terrific schnitzel (in different varieties that may incorporate chicken, cauliflower or other seemingly unorthodox ingredients) and stuffed cabbage leaves that make your eyes roll into the back of your head. The average dinner check for two rarely tops out above $30. Let your belly teach you a thing or two about embracing ethnic differences; get over to Grbic.
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