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The Borders in Brentwood gave us quite a fright last spring, closing up for three months after a water main break ruined the first floor and café. Three months! Valentine's Day to Memorial Day is a long and gloomy stretch. It would have been such a comfort to idle away those long wintry Sundays curled up in one of the store's many leather armchairs with a pile of books and magazines, inhaling the intoxicating aromas of ink and paper and fresh-ground espresso beans. The Brentwood store's selection is unparalleled, even by its St. Louis-area siblings in Creve Coeur, Sunset Hills and SoCo. (We confess, we did spend a few lonely nights in the café of rival Barnes & Noble in Ladue. We couldn't help it: They were open, and they gallantly extended their hours. Also, their coffee is better.) But in mid-May, when Borders Brentwood unfurled its Grand Reopening banner, we raced back like the lovesick fool we are.

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