Best Book by a Local Author

Sisterland, Curtis Sittenfeld

Curtis Sittenfeld moved to St. Louis in 2007 for her husband's job and (sort of) dissed us in a New York Times op-ed piece earlier this year. But the move to the Midwest has served her well, as this city provided the backdrop for her intriguing fourth novel, Sisterland. It tells the story of grownup twins Kate and Violet, who are psychic. One hides her gift, and the other becomes a Today Show-appearing professional psychic who predicts a devastating earthquake will hit St. Louis. When it comes down to it, Sisterland isn't about its high-concept premise; it's a generally spot-on look at family. Of course, you'll also recognize our fair city throughout. (Kate mentions a trip to Hacienda on the first page.) But the book is good for much more than its numerous references to Schnucks: A twist in the final act makes Sittenfeld's latest gripping till the very end.

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