Best Bollywood-and-Vindaloo Vendor

Seema Enterprises

Got ghee? Sure, it's easier to feed your Indian cravings by ordering your palak paneer and chicken vindaloo takeout, but if you're itching to experiment, cooking curry at home, you'll need ingredients that are perhaps a bit too exotic for the big generalist groceries. Do you really expect to find moong dal, sooji rice flour or a slab of tamarind at one of the big-boxes? Need baby eggplant? Hankering for a mango drink? Hot weather got you salivating for an ice-cold bottle of Thums Up? Fret not, Seema's got you covered. Don't expect the spacious aisles and free samples of a major chain grocery, but the overstuffed shelves at this Indian (and Pakistani) grocery will have all the ingredients in the recipe. While you're there, you might as well go whole hog and grab a package of nan or paratha from the frozen-foods section. To complete the evening, rent a Bollywood extravaganza from the video section and follow it up with some smooth sitar music from the store's CD offerings.

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