Best Body Piercing

Allstar Tattoo

Two-time "Best Tattoo Parlor" champ Allstar Tattoo's oft-overlooked piercing practice is so sterile even a dentist would get his nipples pierced there. Yes, the most sanitary of sadists would be content to shirtlessly slide into the chair, his skin flush against the surface of the hygienic black leather as his piercer eases him into recumbency. He would look on as the piercer thoroughly washes his hands once, twice, before applying disposable gloves once, twice, then unwraps a one-use sanitized needle and fresh stainless steel jewelry. The dentist would then relax as the piercer swabs his nipples with iodine and coaches him with Lamaze breathing—big breath in, aaaand release—as he pierces the nipples and threads the punctures with baby barbells. Ah, thinks the dentist, the joys of filling holes with metal in the morning! Should Dr. Teeth feel at all queasy, he gets the piercer's parting gift —a lollipop! Even better than free fluoride.
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