Best Blues Player

Jamal Mayers

How'd a hockey player slip into this Best of St. Louis business? No Blues team took the ice in the 2004-05 season. And judging by the fire sale going on over at the soon-to-be-named-something-else-Savvis Center, there's a good chance there won't be much of a team on the ice for 2005-06 either. At least not in St. Louis, anyway. So how can there be a "Best Blues Player," you ask? Shut up with your questions. There are probably less than a hundred people left in this town who even care about the NHL. That means ten votes for any mook who's ever worn the Note could take this category. We're giving it to Jamal Mayers. Why? Because when the majority of the Millionaires on Ice went to Europe or headed to the golf course, Mayers went out and found himself a job with the Missouri River Otters. Sure, Ryan Johnson and Barret Jackman did the same, but we're sticking with Mayers. We reward hometown loyalty. He plays hard, he's young, and he'll be one of the few players on the roster the new owners can reasonably afford. Jamal Mayers is the future of this team. They're going to love him in Saskatoon.
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