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BB's Jazz, Blues and Soups

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With Beale on Broadway's highly lamentable closure at the start of 2019, St. Louis' lauded "Broadway Blues Triangle," which consisted of three roots-music-loving venues in close proximity to one another on Broadway, is now down to a straight line. Broadway Oyster Bar and BB's Jazz, Blues and Soups remain, and each still serves up a heaping helping of the blues every single day of the week. Honestly, it's pretty much a toss-up between the two as to which should be named the city's best blues club. But equivocation is for equivocators, whereas RFT is decisive, dammit, so we gotta pick a favorite — which means we gotta pick BB's. Why, you may ask? It's that sublime catfish po boy sandwich, a standout of the form. Sure, Broadway Oyster Bar has those delectable sammies too — they have a menu overflowing with delicious cajun seafood, in fact — but for our money, BB's version simply can't be topped. So by all means, head to BB's if you seek blues and tasty fried fish — but remember, it's also just a straight-line walk to Broadway Oyster Bar if you're still hungry for either when your time there is through.

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