Best Blues Club

BB's Jazz, Blues & Soups

There's nothing worse than the sinking feeling that accompanies a letdown of a much-hyped experience. It's a slowly deflating helium balloon. (Your prom night, for example.) Conversely, there's nothing better than a night that's a sure bet. BB's is exactly what a blues club should be: kind of hard to find, long, brick and teeming with enough talent that you don't even have to check who's playing before you go. It's close enough to Busch Stadium to beckon Cards fans during the summer, but go on some freezing winter weeknight to see BB's truly earn its title. Settle in with a Cajun chicken sandwich (with extra jerk-chlli mayo), a bowl of gumbo and a drink. You'll know it's the right night when the people in the band nearly outnumber those in attendance but all present are enveloped in a blanket of fond, rapt attention, comforted by the bluesy sound of a winter's night made warm again.
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