Best Blues Club

BB's Jazz, Blues & Soups

The blues don't need a fancy house to live in. The blues are perfectly comfortable on the busted-down front porch of a Mississippi farmhouse, in a one-room shack off a dirt road out in the country or crammed into one end of a sweaty little neighborhood bar next to the pay phone and the cigarette machine. Some folks get nervous if the blues try to move too far uptown, go somewhere too grand. Lose the funk and you lose the flavor, they say. For those purists, the more rundown the surroundings, the better the music. But the blues can thrive just as well in a comfortable home, as proven by the success of BB's Jazz, Blues & Soups. You could take your mom, your grandma, even your minister to BB's. The historic building, more than 100 years old, does provide plenty of ambiance (and a measure of funk), but it's a friendly place that attracts a diverse crowd -- white, black, old, young, locals and visitors, plus a fair share of musicians who are done with their own gigs for the night. BB's is a club run by music fans for music fans, and their savvy mix of local, regional and national talent offers something worth hearing every night of the week.
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