Best Blue

Scott Mellanby

Maybe it's antithetical to name Scott Mellanby "Best Blue" on the basis of his performance in the playoffs. The playoffs are usually where the Blues go to disappear: first round, second round, surely before the finals. For Mellanby, the playoffs were where he appeared and wouldn't go away. Always thought of as a gamer, Mellanby gave the Blues what they seemed to lack during the season -- grit and verve. Mellanby came to the Blues from Florida midway through the 2000-01 season and played in just 64 games last season as a result of injury. But in the ten games the Blues played in the postseason, Mellanby scored seven goals and had three assists. If half of the other Blues had stepped up their games anywhere close to what Mellanby did, the Stanley Cup drought might have ended. With general manager Larry Pleau standing pat with the current lineup, the rest of the Blues may have to follow Mellanby's lead. The talent appears to be there for the Blues -- what remains to be seen is whether they can play with the intensity and ambition Mellanby does, night after night. Either they step up their games or, once again, they'll step out of the playoffs early.
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