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No, the "A" in Big V's BLTA does not stand for "Awesome" — although it should. Nor does it stand for "Another," because if you put away more than one of these sandwiches in a single sitting, you will need a BLTAmbulance. What it does stand for is "Avocado" — fresh, vibrant, creamy slices of avocado. Big V's owner Vito Racanelli is an expert at making a great thing even better (cf. his grilled cheese sandwich with bacon), and the BLTA is no exception. Racanelli takes a beloved diner staple and transforms it into a wonderfully messy, astronomically delicious treat. The thick-sliced, peppery bacon (always perfectly crisp, never charred or limp) plays nice with juicy red tomato slices and verdant lettuce leaves, and the buttery sourdough toast provides tasty structural support. But it's the addition of avocado that puts this already excellent sandwich over the top. The ripe slices are both an inspired extra ingredient and a luscious condiment, providing a rich creaminess that makes mayo seem so passé. Why are you still sitting there? Get yourself a BLTA ASAP.
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