Best Bloody Mary

The Famous Bar

There are several qualities one seeks in the perfect bloody mary, and the Famous Bar's "Quail Mary" contains each one. There's the spice that makes the pores glisten. The blessed, hangover-reducing zip of vodka — in this case, from the sinful bacon-infused vodka. And of course, a towering spear of garnishes to tamp down that midmorning appetite. The garnish is where the "Quail Mary" really enters a class of its own: a pickled quail egg arrives skewered to a piece of locally made, spicy beef jerky. Here's our preferred method of imbibing: a nibble of the jerky followed by a swig and topped off with the pop of the quail egg into your mouth — it may just be the best 45 seconds of your life. If quail egg isn't quite your cup 'o tea, try "The Famous" or "Tha Real Dirrty," or trust Famous Bar's friendly staff to mix up a special concoction just for you.

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