Best Bloody Mary

Absolutli Goosed

Who declared the bloody mary a hangover cure? When did this spicy, sexy cocktail become a sidekick to your greasy potatoes and sunny-side-ups? We're the last to scoff at a little hair o' the dog, but a good bloody mary is a treasure unto itself, something far greater than a vodka-spiked balm for your sorry-ass headache. So don't just drink bloody marys in the morning. Drink them at night! During the afternoon! On holidays, weekends, Mondays! And whatever you do, make certain you drink the mary at Absolutli Goosed. We prefer ours up, in a celery-salt-kissed martini glass, with medium spice and two gigantic green olives. But the Goosed's excellent bartenders will make yours however you like, from "xmild" (super-tomatoey and soothing) to "hot" (order a glass of water now). Whether you order yours up or on the rocks, do throw in a nice garnish—the traditional celery stalk, or maybe a couple of snappy pickled green beans. Go ahead and have another one; you've spent years training your body to believe bloody marys are restorative, right? Right.
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