Best Bloody Mary

Sub Zero

Little can fill a hungry tummy and quench a hankerin' for booze like a bloody mary. And none run quite as red as they do at Sub Zero. Sure, it's a swanky place on its face, but this Central West End watering hole excels at one of the earthiest drinks around, thanks to a very homegrown approach. The bartenders here infuse Stoli vodka with a blend of four peppers and sun-dried tomatoes. Then they mix their brew with lime, Tabasco and Worcestershire, drop in a few pepper-stuffed green olives and line the rim of the glass with coarse sea salt. In addition to the simple bloody mary, Sub Zero offers a "sushi mary" that sports a garnish of shrimp, wasabi and hefty strips of pickled ginger. After that palate cleanser, the cocktail crackles on the tongue, and before long the rumbling belly tweaks its tune to a happy hum.
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