Best Bloody Mary

The Famous Bar

If beer is food, then a bloody mary is a full-course meal, and there's no better place to get your liquid square than the Famous Bar. The bloodys here take center stage, as a chalkboard behind the bar lists the standards. There's the classic Famous bloody, served with the traditional slice of lime and celery stalk; the dirty bloody, garnished with olives and extra olive juice; the bloody Caesar, mixed with clam juice; the bloody bull, which includes a nip of beef broth; and the Cajun bloody, an extra-spicy tonic guaranteed to make you sweat out the vodka as quickly as you pour it in. Famous bartenders make each bloody from scratch. No Mr. & Mrs. T's mix here -- just tomato juice, celery seed, cracked pepper, a slice of lime, Tabasco, Worcestershire sauce and vodka. As a side dish to the entrée, the Famous Bar includes a shot of beer with each bloody, which can be used to dilute the drink if it's too spicy, or tossed over your shoulder for good luck.
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