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I Work at a Public Library

A few years ago Gina Sheridan was working at a library in California when she went out back and saw a woman rummaging through the dumpster. Upon seeing Sheridan, the woman shouted: "Just call me Cuckoo." Sheridan wrote down the incident and continued documenting in her journal the bizarre and funny goings-on she witnessed as a librarian. Eventually Sheridan put her observations online in a Tumblr page titled and kept adding to it after moving and taking a job with the St. Louis County Library. She also started accepting submissions from other librarians across the country. The result is an amusing and pithy blog with posts as simple as a photo of a misprinted Disney book (The Loin King) to curious exchanges with patrons, such as the kid who wanted to know about the "culinary period" of the U.S. (he meant Colonial), or the couple who figured the reference librarian was just as good as a doctor to ask if hemorrhoids are contagious. And librarians aren't the only ones who've found Sheridan's blog entertaining: It also caught the eye of book publisher Adams Media, which earlier this year released I Work at a Public Library in paperback.

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