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For the past year, standup comedian Matt Conty has been trying to manage two major things: his baby, who poops a lot, and his blog, WTFatherhood (, which he has devoted to her. Well, not entirely to her. His blog serves as an outlet for all the irony-soaked hyperbole that swims in his brain. He writes of the "urban rednecks" that misbehave on his block in Marine Villa. He also has things to say about El Caminos and real estate agents. But his best material involves his one-year-old daughter, Sofia. Her first few steps, he writes, have captivated onlookers the way John Wayne did entering a saloon. "The excitement," he writes, "usually stirs up the dogs, and they think they should lick Sofia's face in celebration.... Sofia, in turn, thinks that her mouth should be open for this. This is when she doesn't really look like John Wayne.... This is when she looks like a one-year-old open-mouth kissing a Boston Terrier." Father of the year? Maybe not. Blogger of the year? Indeed.

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