Best Biscuits and Gravy

Local Harvest Cafe & Catering

American comfort food takes many forms, but none is quite so soothing and nostalgia-stirring as a piping-hot plate of biscuits and gravy. Of course, any old dive can keep a vat of second-rate sausage gravy on hand, only a precious few eateries serve up anything worth writing home about. Local Harvest Cafe treats both its biscuits and its gravy with the reverence this classic dish deserves. The biscuits aren't "biscuits," per se; they're rich, flaky, buttery scone/biscuit hybrids that maintain their crunchy outer layer even when immersed in Geisert Farms pork gravy. (If you prefer your gravy on the green side, the café makes a vegetarian version with roasted beets as a base; a surprisingly hearty and sweet concoction sure to please meat eaters and herbivores alike.) At $10 a plate, it's more than enough brunch for one but leaves enough wiggle room in your budget for a mimosa (or two).

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