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A pandemic trend that we hope lasts is a renewed enthusiasm for biking. In the early days of the lockdown, when a shift to working from home left the streets particularly quiet, one of the most reliable stress relievers we had was pedaling along blissfully clear pavement. Bicycle sales doubled nationwide in those early days, and a combination of demand and kinks in the international supply chain caused shortages. That’s been a pain, but a run on bikes sounds like a good problem for those in favor of a healthier, cleaner world. And that brings us to local bike shops. Greater St. Louis is loaded with excellent choices, whether you’re a competitive racer or a weekend warrior pulling a child trailer around the park. Maplewood Bicycle has been one of the standouts for nearly half a decade. They’ve got top-flight mechanics, helpful service people and a strong selection. They also support tons of charitable cycling events around the metro area. The logistics of running any retail shop during the era of COVID-19 is tricky, but Maplewood has shifted as smoothly as possible to curbside options and over-the-phone consultations, which is still a great option even as they have cautiously reopened their showroom with limits on the number of people allowed inside. The pandemic will eventually end, and a lot of the work-from-home set will be headed back to the office. But we’ll hopefully remember how wonderful it felt to cruise those quiet streets and carry it forward into a better time. Maplewood Bicycle will be there, running the support team. — Doyle Murphy

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