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Mesa Cycles

Gas prices are sky-high. The environment ain't doing so hot, either. Mesa Cycles feels our pain. "If you've got more people that ride, the better off everybody is going to be," says co-owner Adrienne Murphy. This is a serious cyclery, though, so come ready to ride. Prices start at around $370 and, depending on the level of customization, can be upward of $6,000, but Murphy says she guarantees these bikes will last longer than cheaper alternatives. Every employee is a rider, so expert advice comes standard. Besides offering customers a wide variety of bikes, accessories and components, the store also sponsors cycling events year-round and the Mesa Cycles Racing Team, which, according to the team blog, is "dedicated to fostering youth cycling development in the Midwest." The in-house service department repairs, overhauls and custom-builds bikes (among other services).

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