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Big Shark Bicycle Company

If you stand in Big Shark Bicycle Company for more than fifteen seconds, someone who knows more about bikes than you ever will and who's friendlier than your mother will ask if you need any help. It doesn't matter if you look like you're going to spend five dollars or five thousand, if you're buying an entry-level bike for the park or an ultralight super-racer made of material you can't pronounce: These guys know how to pronounce it, and they'll help you. Big Shark offers bikes, bike apparel, bike components and bike gear for everyone from the beginner to the pro racer. And speaking of racing, Big Shark owner Mike Weiss is one of the reasons the Tour of Missouri — the USA Cycling Professional Tour race that finishes in St. Louis — came to be. This is a shop dedicated not only to superior merchandise and expertise through experience, but also to bicycle education and advocacy. Plus, they're really, really nice. And they'll help you.
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