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Big Shark Bicycle Company

For every mile you ride a bicycle, you keep some amount of money, however tiny, out of the pocket of the petroleum potentates, political toadies and despots of all national stripes whose reigns depend on the depletion of natural resources. With that in mind, we rescued our three-decades-old Peugeot from the shed and took it to Big Shark, where in a week or so it was good as almost-new. Big Shark appreciates old bikes and keeps them going with determination, velo-professionalism and genuine good cheer. And if you're looking for a new bicycle, there's a forest of them, everything from little bikes for little tykes to sleek, seductive (and expensive!) wheels for the well-heeled and serious. Plus a sea of Spandex, cool socks, lights, bells, whistles and rubber bracelets. Good-guy proprietor Mike Weiss is there to greet you. (His grandfather Eduardo was an early disciple of Sigmund Freud, and his affable father is the redoubtable Wash. U. mathematician Guido.) He and his colleagues bring energy, knowledge and enthusiasm to this East Loop emporium—and an obvious affection for the equipment and sport it propels.
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