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Whether you could name every rider in the peloton at this year's Tour de France or you just look longingly at passing bicycles as you fill your car with $3.50-a-gallon gas, you will find a bicycle at Maplewood Bicycle. Yes, even you there in the back, fondly remembering the first bike you ever had, a wicker basket attached to the handlebars, a flower painted on the wicker: Past the two- and three-thousand-dollar titanium racing bikes, past the ten-speeds and the fat-tired dirt bikes, it sits waiting for you to pedal back to 1975. Maplewood Bicycle understands your nostalgia. It opened more than 30 years ago -- long before Greg LeMond and Lance Armstrong awakened America's interest in cycling as a serious sport. Still, those who would rather live in 2005 will find a wide selection of bikes from all the major manufacturers as well as personalized, computer-assisted bike fitting, certified repair technicians and an impressive array of clothing, shoes and everything else you'll need to chase Lance through the Alps -- or to wobble down the street while your father, training wheels in one hand, screwdriver in the other, cheers.
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