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Yee-haw! Hey, everybody, it's me: the Wheach peach. Surely you've seen my likeness emblazoned on a six-pack of O'Fallon Brewery's fine summer brew. That's right: I'm the li'l guy who looks like the lovechild of Pac-Man and Scooter the Talking Baseball. But I'm all peach, baby, and you need only one sip to fall for me. Not to knock my buddies at O'Fallon — Pumpkin Beer, you're autumnal happiness in a glass, and Cherry Chocolate Beer, you are sumptuously sexy (call me!) — but I truly am the greatest. I combine two of summer's most singular pleasures: biting into a juicy, freshly picked peach and sipping a crisp, smooth wheat beer. Tempted? Of course you are. Go ahead and have a taste. First you'll get the sweet-tart notes of a peach at its prime, then the tongue-tingling delight of a perfectly crafted microbrew. You should expect nothing less from me, or from the good people at O'Fallon Brewery. You won't find me in every season, of course. But when you do see me, you'll know that the long, sultry days of summer have come 'round again at last. I gotta say it once more: Yee-haw!
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